I learned about William when he came to guest teach at my Ayurveda course. He was so knowledgable and passionate about his work that I immediately knew I wanted to learn more from him. I inquired if we could schedule a session where he would teach me the basics of chakra balancing, and he did not disappoint. Throughout the session, he was patient, kind and incredibly intuitive. We utilized scents, crystals, and worked with a pendulum in order to fully understand the chakras and their blockages. After the session, I felt confident in what I had learned, and it truly fueled my passion for the subject as well. I highly recommend working with William - not only is he a very kind soul, but he is gifted, intuitive and a wonderful teacher.
— Erica from Manhattan, NY
William did Reiki and chakra balancing on me, and it was an incredible experience. I felt an improvement in mood and a sense of grounding immediately following the session. He is very sensitive , intuitive and skilled at his work. I highly recommend.
— Dawn from Brooklyn, NY

William performed an amazing Shirodhara on me. The entire experience took me from pain to bliss. I left a new person physically, mentally and spiritually.
— Mykel from Weekhawkin, NJ

William is passionate about Ayurveda, Reiki, and nutrition. I had a guided meditation session in the workplace with him, and it was a great experience where I learned a lot about myself. He took his time and answered any questions I had about why I was feeling certain things, and how it affected my thought process. I definitely felt more grounded and in tune with my body— so in tune that I discovered I was pregnant during that session BEFORE I knew I was pregnant!
— Radhika from Old Bethpage, NY