How to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life (Guest Author Dylan Foster)

How to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life by Dylan Foster

Sleep is one of the most treasured moments in the life of an adult. We look forward to it each night, and we don’t want to let go of it when the morning comes. Sleep is when we rest our bodies and our brains, recharge and reset for the next day, and indulge in guilt-free laziness. Because we spend one-third of our lives in bed, having a good mattress is more important than you might think. We might not be awake to experience what a good mattress feels like, but we feel the effects the next day.

How Can Your Mattress Affect Your Health?

The wrong mattress not only affects the quality of your sleep, but it can also lead to back, neck, and joint pain, as well as frequent illness. Your mattress could be the culprit for any number of health problems — allergies, night sweats, exhaustion, and trouble sleeping. Between dust mites, mold, fungi, sweat, and pet dander, your mattress is a host for many contaminants.

How Do You Select a New Mattress?

To coil or not to coil? Polyurethane or latex? Not all mattresses are created equally. Older bed sets come with a box spring, while some newer bed sets sit directly on a slatted frame. The latest mattresses on the market come rolled up in a tube, something that’s unfathomable for mattresses filled with coils. If you determine that it's time to get a new mattress, be sure to choose the best option for your sleep style. Read through online guides and do your research to find what will suit your needs.

How Big Should Your Bed Be?

Your bed should be big enough for you to have unrestricted sleep. Your size, natural sleeping position, movements during sleep, and the number of bodies in the bed will affect the size of the bed that you’ll need. A twin bed might be a good size for children, but most adults are too long to fit in one. A queen mattress might be suitable for two smaller adults, but if your partner spreads out or your dog sleeps with you, then you might get better slumber in a king.

How Firm Is Too Firm?

Everyone has varying degrees of comfort levels for their preferred mattress. A firmer mattress is better than a soft mattress, but a mattress that’s too firm could cause misalignment. Any mattress that causes your spine to curve unnaturally won’t be good for your posture, even if it feels good at the moment. A medium firm mattress is the way to go. Your Goldilocks bed should provide comfort and support without being too firm or too soft. It should feel just right. When you lie on it, your body should feel weightless, with no pressure anywhere on your body or weird pains the next morning.

How Do You Care for Your Mattress?

Since mattresses are soft and absorbent, dirt can easily get trapped, but it can’t be washed away. To keep your mattress in great shape, vacuum the surface to pick up any dust, dander, and dead skin cells that have been trapped. Clean it with lemon juice and salt or a solution of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. Let it air dry completely before placing new sheets on it. Cover it with a mattress cover to keep it fresh longer. Also, it’s important to replace your mattress every eight years.

Your mattress can make or break your sleep, which means it can make or break your day. If you find yourself waking up on the wrong side of the bed, it could be that your mattress isn’t doing its job. Don’t sacrifice good sleep because of a poor quality mattress. A good mattress is one investment that you’ll be grateful you made. It’s where you spend a big chunk of your time and where your body recovers from the day. It’s the most important piece of furniture you own.

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