Food Rules

Have we created too many rules about food? 

Vegans are not allowed to eat meat.
•Sugar is bad. 
•Only organically grown food is good.
•Don’t drink water from the tap, only filtered or bottled water is safe.

Who enforces these rules?

What happens if a vegan decides one day to eat a steak? Is this person suddenly immoral? Can this person be trusted?

If sugar is bad, what happens if I decide to eat a cupcake in celebration of a friend’s birthday? Does it make me a bad person?

Every day each we all confront a set of food rules that we have created for OURSELVES. And although I eat meat, my friends and I sit and judge that vegan person in the lunchroom who decided to have a piece of fish today. We call them hypocrite, or question why they would call themselves vegan when they decided to have a piece of meat.

We are making ourselves sick, and making others sick.  We are stressing ourselves out and becoming anxious about food. It causes us to deprive ourselves, followed by binges-- and then more guilt. And stress and guilt can also be very unhealthy! It can even cause weight issues (which is probably why a lot of us have these food rules in the first place!)

Wouldn’t it be easier if we just threw these rules out and simply enjoyed the food? Have everything in moderation. Be vegan, but if you feel like you want to eat a steak (after not having steak for the last ten years) –why not? Your vegan diet will be there tomorrow again. 

Could it be possible that if we actually valued everything we put into our bodies, ate that cookie once in a while, drank from the faucet, had that non-organic apple because it was simply there…. that we might be better able to control cravings, and better control our nutrition and health?   

Balance and moderation is the key. Balance does not have judgments.  You need that slice of pie once in a while to balance out all the salad you’ve been eating—without it you won’t feel satisfied. You need both the "good" and the "bad".

And moderation-- you simply cannot have steak for every single meal without veggies. You need those veggies to balance out the steak.

This doesn’t mean that if you are vegan or have dietary goals to go and change your whole lifestyle and eat anything you want.

It simply means you have permission to do what is right for you, and if it means having a steak or piece of cake now and then, to have it-- with no judgments.

Thoughts on this?

William Adriance