How to Find Wellness and Overcome Obesity (Guest Author Dana Brown)

Image Courtesy of  Pixabay

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

How to Find Wellness and Overcome Obesity (Guest Author Dana Brown)

 If you have any significant amount of weight to lose, you know that it takes more than crash diets to lose it. Overcoming obesity is a commitment that lasts our whole lives because, once the weight is off, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, a crucial part of that is to still enjoy ourselves and focus on wellness.

Create Your Workout

 The most important thing about working out is identifying a routine that’s both safe and something you enjoy. If you aren’t having a good time, if it is just a chore, you are more likely to shirk on your workout. Therefore, experiment until you find activities that you truly enjoy to ensure you continue to seek wellness.

One thing that may be helpful is creating a gym at home. Not only do you save on driving and parking time, you’ll also have no membership fees. A home gym is free of judgment or worries about self-image. It’s surprisingly easy to start and inexpensive. If you have a spare room, you can convert it into a gym. More likely, you will need to find a room that offers the most open floor space, such as your den or garage. Some workout equipment includes dumbbells, resistance bands, and jump rope, if you have good joints. A stability ball can offer excellent core workouts, which you can pair with dumbbells. You can store your equipment in a box or basket. Again, the goal is wellness, not dropping weight quickly. Find something you can commit to long term, that’s convenient and effective, to best maintain your overall health.

Take Time Off

 Part of a healthy lifestyle is resting. If you do not give yourself adequate time to recover, you can actually make it harder for your body to heal. You may experience mood swings, decreased appetite, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and many other negative side effects. Don’t work out in excess of 60 minutes if you’re working out five days a week. Try to rotate muscle group focus so your body can recover. You also need adequate sleep to fully heal your body, and if you’re overworking yourself, you may be doing double harm. Life is all about moderation, and that includes workouts.

Eat Well

 Similar to forming an exercise plan, you need to find a way of eating that works for you. If you feel you’re denying yourself or you’re frequently hungry, you won’t stick to whatever plan you create. There are many excellent and balanced theories of eating, from the Mediterranean to the Paleo diet. Try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains that have protein and limit your consumption of processed, salt-heavy, or overly sugary foods. Drink water throughout the day and try to focus on what you eat. If you’re more aware, you may take longer to eat, which can curb overeating. It’s important to remember that crash diets don’t work and to eat at regular intervals. If you have diet restrictions or if nothing seems to be working, talk to your doctor.

Address Any Disorders

 It can be incredibly difficult, but try to address what is holding you back. Do you eat for comfort? Have you experienced a trauma that you are unable to deal with? If you face each day burdened by depression, ADD/ADHD, or a number of other conditions, it can be hard to find motivation. Unfortunately, these conditions are often linked with obesity. Treating one but not the other may leave neither being solved. Be open with your doctor and consider seeing a therapist to work toward the healthiest life possible. Even stress can contribute to weight gain and retention, so a therapist or counsellor can help you address any health concerns. Their insights can provide you with the tools and techniques to achieve desired wellness.

At the end of the day, it’s important to live a healthy life. You want to be around as long as possible, and you want to enjoy life to the max. Creating the right workout routine and eating plan and addressing any of your underlying issues are all worthwhile steps.

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