Why is my Tongue White?


According to Ayurveda, a white build-up on your tongue is a toxic matter known as “ama.” When food is not digested properly, it tends to accumulate and clog the intestinal tract. Some remnants of this toxic buildup can be seen on the tongue as a thick, white residue.

Formation of some ama is a normal body process and Ayurveda recommends clearing it on a regular basis with a tongue scraper. Using a tongue scraper first thing in the morning should also to be a part of your daily oral hygiene. Ancient texts describe the benefits of using gold, silver, or copper tongue scrapers but you may have to be content with one made from stainless steel or plastic!

Keep in mind that though it’s easily visible on your tongue, ama doesn’t just affect your tongue. This toxin circulates throughout your body. If there is excess build-up, fasting or going on a mono-diet of vegetable soups or khichari (a rice and lentil soup) for a couple of days is thought to help cleanse the body. It does this by giving your digestive fire or “agni” the opportunity to process these toxins. You’ll find that your tongue looks cleaner after you fast.

Another factor that contributes to a white tongue is an imbalance of kapha, the bodily humor that’s associated with the elements of earth and water. This imbalance may result in conditions like indigestion, congestion, blocked sinus, and digestive problems. An Ayurvedic practitioner will examine your tongue (jivha pariksha) in tandem with other signs and arrive at a diagnosis specific to your case.

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William Adriance