The Benefits of Reiki for Mesothelioma Patients (Guest  Contributor  Virgil Anderson)

January 26, 2017      Guest  Contributor  Virgil Anderson

The Benefits of Reiki for Mesothelioma Patients

Reiki is a form of therapy that is often used to help lower the levels of stress in the body. The therapy is focused on helping the patient to reach his or her special energy balance in mind, body and spirit. In addition, the body's natural healing abilities can be enhanced by this therapy. For this reason, many alternative health care providers recommend this therapy for those suffering from chronic illnesses, such as cancer or mesothelioma.

The therapy, based on principles dating all the way back to the origins of Eastern medicine, helps to lower heart rate, levels of stress and blood pressure in the body. Scientists are still unclear on exactly how the therapy helps to heal patients, but the multi-level, rapid healing response of the human body to therapy suggests that it works on a sub physical level, healing spiritual, physical, emotional and mental elements at the same time. Due to these abilities, it is likely that the therapy works in the biofield.

The biofield, a term recently coined by scientists, refers to the vibrating, multi-layered field of energy surrounding every person. The existence of the biofield is still a theory, as its very subtlety makes it impossible to study it in depth, but belief in "the Force" has existed for centuries. For example, there are many cultures around the world that make use of vibration as part of their traditional ceremonies, such as drumming, use of the tamboura, chanting, overtoning or humming. A disruption in the energy field surrounding a person is often viewed as the onset of sickness.

It is traditionally believed that the hands of the therapist hold the energy vibration that the patient's body requires for wellness. The therapy is often viewed as tapping into the well of energy deep within the patient and bringing it to the surface wherever it is needed most. Many people, when describing the therapy to others, compare entrainment to grandfather clocks that will synchronize with the rhythm of the most dominant clock in the room automatically. This form of therapy differs from other therapies such as Yoga or Thai Chi in that it involves more meditation than movement.

Persons who have chronic diseases such as mesothelioma or other forms of cancer have found that this therapy helps to relieve the pain and other symptoms caused by their illness. In addition, it helps to put them into a more relaxed state, which indirectly helps to promote healing and regeneration of tissues.

Many people, including doctors, question the validity and effectiveness of Reiki therapy. After all, no one has actually been able to prove the existence of the biofield, right? Well, actually conventional medicine does have a similar, proven concept known as homeostasis. This is a state where all the elements of the body are balanced and in harmony with each other. And while this therapy may not be able to be validated scientifically, the health benefits and healing that many individuals have experienced is undeniable.


William Adriance