Fall Ritucharya 

Fall Ritucharya (October 5, 2016)

As the sun weakens and the summer comes to a close, so does our digestion and metabolism. The fall brings dry cool air which also aggravates the Vata element (air element) in our bodies. Signs and symptoms of unbalanced Vata include dry skin, sleeplessness, inconsistent digestive function, constipation as well as anxiousness. If you generally feel this way in the fall, it's important to take steps to bring your Vata back into balance. Here are some things you can do to make sure to keep Vata in check during the autumn months:

• Autumnal diet plans should contain comfortable meals which are fairly sweet, slightly hot, bitter, as well as salty-- because they are flavors which improve dampness motivates sensations of nourishment and being grounded.

• Breakfast every day- have a normal sized bowl of porridge associated with oats, grains, or even quinoa --that may be flavored with walnuts, syrup, and cinnamon. 

• With regard to lunch and/or dinner -add nourishment to meals with more steamed veggies, soups or even kichadi . 

• Avoid excessive amounts of uncooked greens, chilly beverages, Iced coffee, fermented meals as well as food products containing yeast which can all destabilize digestive function.

• Therapeutically massage yourself (abhayanga) with sesame or even mahanarayan essential oils. This could counteract the actual periodic inclination toward dryness of your skin. Take comfortable baths.

• Utilize grounding fragrances --for example vetiver.

• Fall is a typical time to execute a periodic detox to prepare for that winter season forward. A simple house detox program is always easy to adhere to; suggestions include to consider triphala to make sure an entire cleansing takes place each morning. Triphala may be the most well-known ayurvedic treatment and it is a mix of 3 fruits which lightly detoxes your body as well as refreshes the actual digestive tract. Adhere to this particular program for 2 days.

• At the conclusion of a hectic day, end with scrumptious mug of whole milk simmered with a touch of nutmeg as well as cardamom for a happy nights rest.

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William Adriance